Conference Theme Dialogue "Accepting Christ's Mission in a Fragmenting Age.” 

Facilitated by Jonathan Pageau, joined by Dr. Clark Carlton and Dr. Nathan Jacobs. This focus group will allow Jonathan to direct questions to Clark and Nathan who presented their thoughts earlier in the week. Jonathan will offer his own address later in the evening. He will also help facilitate a dialogue with the focus group attendees and panel.

Getting to Know Chattanooga. Led by Dean Arnold who wrote the book, Old Money, New South: The Spirit of Chattanooga. Topic title: "Chattanooga: A City for God." Chattanooga boasts the highest charitable giving per person in the country, is the largest city in America with no abortion clinic, and has won "Most Biblically Literate City" for several years running. Why is this? Can we trace it out? While also sharing some of the city's flaws, author Dean W. Arnold will explain the roots behind Chattanooga's unique successes.

Building Programs and Financial Planning. Facilitated by Fr. Jason Foster. At the Pastoral Conference of the Diocese of the South held in Pharr, TX back in February 2017, a somewhat impromptu presentation by Chris Lewis and subsequent discussion about building programs led to this focus group topic for the Annual Assembly.  Chris Lewis, Noel Busch, and John Della Monica from Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund (OCCIF) will be part of a panel prepared by Fr. Jason to continue the discussion and help provide useful information for our mission stations, missions and parishes who are involved in debt retirement, capital acquisition or who are actively planning for construction of a Temple or support structure on their property.

Liturgical Music Tips and Resources. Alex Fecanin, Choir director, St. Simeon the New Theologian, Birmingham, AL, will lead this focus group seeking to help the readers, directors and singers of our missions and parishes find the resources they need for the Divine Services and to understand what they find, and why they need to find them. There will also be some tips and resources for reading during the services. If there are other choir directors in attendance, time may be spent offering specific resource development for available music manuscript and rehearsal techniques. It is our hope to build collegiality among our music specialists and readers so that they may share resources and experiences with each other to improve our offering of “true worship.” Setting our sights on regional music workshops will be a hoped for result of this focus group.

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