Geopolitics, Corruption, Conspiracy, and the Supernatural: a comprehensive Christian worldview—interview with Jay Dyer.

I had the opportunity to interview Jay Dyer (youtube and audio mp3 links here and below), author of and Esoteric Hollywood—intellectual, thinker, conspiracy theorist, geopolitical pundit, theologian and philosopher (he just recently finished ten lectures on Plato’s Republic).

Many of you likely cringe at including all those other words along with “conspiracy theorist.” And that’s exactly why Jay is, in my opinion, one of the pre-eminent thinkers of our day. We live in a very corrupt generation, and unless some people are willing to start dealing with facts in a rational manner and take the risk of a lost paycheck—or being called names—the rest of us will continue to live under a cloud of deception and manipulation.

Nonethless, however pervasive the evil around us, confessing the name of Jesus Christ and following the two great commandments will get you far down the road, even if you are only a simple thinker. Thankfully, Jay is a card-carrying Christian and currently identifies with the Orthodox Church. And, while some of his “conspiracy theories” might be jarring, he doesn’t move into the realm of aliens, reptilians, extraterrestrials, and other la la land material—unless, of course, he considers such activity demonic distractions.

Need some intellectual grounding in a world of chaos—from the perspective of Christian truth? Jay is your man.

On the interview itself: Jay answers the following questions, among others:

- the massive Hollywood film funding from defense and intelligence departments

- the “transhumanism” religion of the elites which Jay identifies ultimately as “Luciferianism”

- the concept of “predictive programming" in film and cartoons, the motives and purpose



Much of the discussion from the crowd focused on the last question, a large pill to swallow. I consider the audience to be some of the sharpest people (many high level filmmakers) in Chattanooga. This was not a one-sided classroom lecture.


He lightened up at the end with some quick impersonations of Nicholas Cage, Rand Paul, and Matthew McConaughey.