Dean interviews Timothy Kelly, who has interviewed the world's top alternative and revisionist thinkers.

In this show:

The 20th century events were largely planned.
- Strategy to weaken Germany laid out in Mackinder Doctrine
The counter culture was government influenced, even instigated.
Plato’s cave: we are run by Oligarchs

Last 100 years
- U.S. into Anglo Empire
- Cecil Rhodes crowd: “Create a global empire of the English Speaking peoples”
“Bring US back into this empire” 
- Also called Atlanticists and Anglo Zionist Empire

Birth certificates are traded as collateral on the national debt.

Summing up the past 500 years:
- Enlightenment concludes there is nothing besides man. Leads to atheism and Occult/Satanism
- Overthrow of throne and altar
- This is the conclusion of Protestant premises

We live in a masonic republic. Speak in their language.
- Illuminati formed in 1776, used masonry to advance its agenda to overthrow throne and altar
- Elizabethan black magic involved in the process, Elizabeth confidante John Dee contacted spirits, influenced Royal Society which is Rosecrucian

Summing up past 1000 years
- East and West split between Orthodox and Roman Churches
- Filioque clause in creed declawed the Holy Spirit
- Lack of mystery and presence of Holy Spirit created void
- void filled in Western Civilization by esoteric occult activity

News outlets Tim consults regularly:
- Global Research
- Jaysanalysis (Jay Dyer)
- 21st Century Wire
- Lew
- Corbett
- Tragedy and Hope/Richard Grove
- Schoolsucksproject
- ZeroHedge
- Jan Irvin: Culture engineering
- Joe Atwell (controversial Jesus book)

Dean recommended:
- The Saker
- Zerohedge
- William Engdahl
- Pepe Escobar
- Joseph Farrell

Discussed questionable sources:
- Brother Nathaniel
- Alex Jones
- Jim Fetzer
- Veterans Today/Kevin Barrett

- James Perloff
- Dave McGowan: book on Child sex trafficking/drugs/serial killer events. Terrify the people with controlled massacres.
- Dr. Nancy Banks: Aids, Diamonds, and Empire. 
- Book that explains how the world works: one of 20 you should read.

** Americanism (CIA and influence on Catholicism, Henry Luce/Time-Life/Murray)

Media fakery:
- Iwo Jima photo staged
- Baby of Shanghai bombing staged (placed there)
- CNN fakes scud missille attacks - Gulf War (actually in Atlanta with green screen)
- nose poking through other side of WTC
- Dean: clip of photoshopped plane into WTC
- CGI invented by military long before release of technology

Needs to be room within alternative media to disagree without calling each other shills and imposters.

Armed revolution not the answer. Revolutions have always been from the top—not natural or grassroots.

Can’t control the results, but can simply tell the truth as those made in the image of God.