Evaluating Islam, Buddhism and Jews—and geopolitics—in light of Logos/Reason/Christ—Interview with Dr. E. Michael Jones

Youtube here and audio mp3 here.

Many Americans already know that the culture has collapsed into immorality the past several decades. And they know that a militant faction of our government continues to insidiously push for aggression and conquest overseas. 

But what thread connects these evils? What overarching philosophy and moral framework provides a sensible explanation for modernity's current state? Where do Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism fit into this larger picture? 

Michael Jones sheds light on these root issues through the lens of Christ (or Logos, the "Word," as described in the Gospel of John 1:1). Ultimately, even as we observe a degenerate and perverse culture, Logos must win, he assures.

More on Dr. Jones and his books available for purchase at www.culturewars.com