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Chattanooga is blessed with three of the finest establishments in the country for connoisseurs of fine things. All three happen to be within walking distance of the DOS Assembly’s hotel.
(pick any or all three)

Wine Tasting
Coffee Tasting
Cigars & Philosophy

Wine Tasting

Tuesday, 9pm or Wednesday, 9pm - $10 (Limit 30)
Address: 1616 Broad Street

Brian Leutwiler, owner/operator of premiere wine & spirits retailer Imbibe, is a founding member of Chattanooga’s St. Tikhon Mission. Brian has visited and studied some of the best vineyards in Italy, France, Germany, and other parts of Europe many times, over several decades, starting at age 16—a tour that included the two separate Swiss vineyards owned by his uncles, Fritz and Charles Leutwiler. (He cut his teeth on wine with the Leutwiler name on the label.)

Brian served regularly as a judge at the Atlanta International Wine Festival and chaired for five years the Hilton Head Wine Festival, one of the Southeast’s largest. He has taught wine classes in Chattanooga for a decade, and his wine list at the prestigious Southside Grill received the coveted Wine Spectator magazine’s Top Restaurant Wine Program Award, the first Chattanooga establishment to gain such an honor. (sign up here)

Coffee Tasting 

Wednesday, 2 pm - $5 (Limit 12)
Address: 1110 Market St

Goodman Coffee owner Ian Goodman won second place in a national barista contest fresh out of college. A few years later he operated one of the largest roasters in the Southeast, brew- ing some of the best coffee in the country. Famous people who stop by while in town include Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Chong, and Toby Mac.

Ian’s grandfather invented nicotine gum, so chemistry genius is in the DNA. But he insists the process requires “science AND art.” It involves breaking down chemical structures, acids, and sugars, but also “nuances of smell and sound.” He says that red wine can involve 600 different flavors, but a coffee bean can capture up to 1200. (sign up here)

Cigars & Philosophy

Tuesday, 9 pm - $10 (Limit 20)
723 Cherry St

Burns Tobacconist offers the largest selection of cigars in the Southeast, with over 1500 choices. They are visited regularly by the Padron and Rocky Patel families. Their spacious Davidoff Lounge is nearly 2000 square feet and the only signature Davidoff establishment in Tennessee. An exclusive private club, it has been made especially available to us for this event.

A discussion over cigars will ensue with His Immanence Archbishop Alexander related to his book “Mystagogy” on Dionysius the Aeropogite. Questioners will include leading pop culture philosopher Jay Dyer of (sign up here)